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Tosla offers
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Our solutions

Virtual POS

Provide payment services for credit or debit cards on your e-commerce website using Tosla Virtual POS. Easiliy accept payments on a single screen

Countless conveniences await you with Virtual POS.

  • Single agreement, single integration
  • Fast and secure payment acceptance 24/7
  • Installment options for credit cards
  • Next-day payment receipt
  • Sales tracking and analysis reporting
  • Full support with a call center.

Pay by Link

Receive remote payments with a single link without a website or any integration. Share the link you create with your customers to easily and securely accept payments.

Pay by Link makes receiving payments very easy.

  • No website requirement
  • No integration Creating customized links
  • Sending links to customers from any platform
  • Sales tracking and analysis reporting
  • Full support with a call center

Credit Gateway

Tosla Credit Gateway provides your customers credit offers for their purchasses from different banks or financial institution. Customers can see and compare offers on a single screen. Payment will be processed for the purchase by using credit suitable.

  • Single agreement, single integration
  • Fast and secure payment acceptance 24/7
  • Credit term options up to 36 months
  • Next-day payment
  • Sales tracking and analysis reporting
  • Full support with a call center

Cash Register POS

With Cash Register POS, you can accept physical payments from your customers and offer installment options for credit cards with a single integration, making things easier.

  • Payment solutions with Hugin Tiger T-300
  • Digital application
  • Integration with different banks
  • Installment options with a single agreement

Who benefits from Tosla

  • Tradespeople and SME’s
  • Multinationals & Companies & Universities
  • Sellers through e-commerce websites or social media
  • Social media content creators and influencers
  • Stands, Marketplace or from home sellers
Advantages of Tosla for business

Single platform

You can easily track all transactions and reports of your business on a single platform.

Payments with a Single Integration

You can accept installment payments from your customers using contracted credit cards for up to 12 months with one integration.

No Turnover Commitment

You can receive payments without worrying about inefficiency fees, turnover requirements, or usage commitments.

24/7 Secure Payments

You can accept secure payments with the PCI-DSS certificate and advanced fraud controls.

No Additional Fees

You don't pay any extra fees for your transactions or for monthly or annually use. Your profit stays in your pocket.

Tosla, your all in
one payment app
for your personal

Our solutions

Tosla Prepaid Card

You've found the perfect spot for an exclusive shopping experience. Utilize your physical Tosla Card with contactless capabilities, or opt for the digital version to make mobile and QR code payments.

24/7 continuous and secure money transfer

To a Tosla user, to any bank accounts. Verify your digital identity and transfer money securely on Tosla.

Your bank accounts on Tosla

Instead of rushing from one bank app to another, take your bank accounts out of your pocket on Tosla, view all your current accounts from one place, and manage them easily!"

Earn cashback on your purchases and payments

You can join in exclusive campaigns and earn cashback on your purchases. You can pay your bills regularly on Tosla without getting lost in tabs. Additionally, you can make various payments within the app and earn cashback.

Seize the moment with personalized credit

You can get your loan on Tosla from different banks to fulfill your needs. You can prefer to top up money by using your mobile phone operator bill, use it now and pay it later.

Embedded wallet

E-commerce companies can create their own loyalty programs using Tosla's embedded wallet solution. With Tosla's advantages and end-to-end solutions, e-commerce companies can also increase customer retention.

Employee Benefit Wallet

Companies or organizations can use Tosla to deposit employee benefit payments. Employees can enjoy all Tosla benefits.

University partnerships

ID cards used students, academicians and university staff can be created Tosla co-branded by the partnerships.Students can use Tosla card for all of their purchases and administrative processes while they can enjoy all Tosla benefits.

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About AKÖde

Aköde Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. was established to provide payment services and issue electronic money within the scope of the Law No. 6493 on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions, dated 19 February 2018, and related secondary regulations. 

Aköde obtained permission to operate as an electronic money institution to provide payment services and issue electronic money with the decision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency dated 4 October 2018 and numbered 8027, and started its operations as of 15 June 2019. As of September 2019, Aköde started using the Tosla brand in Electronic Money services. Akbank A.Ş., which has Mastercard membership for the prepaid tool issued under the Tosla brand, transferred the right to use the Tosla and Aköde brands registered at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to Aköde. In this way, Akbank A.Ş. provides services to Aköde for the issuance of the prepaid tool under the Tosla brand and the printing of the Tosla-branded card.

With the Tosla İşim product, Aköde aims to facilitate every stage of payment in e-commerce for both buyers and sellers by focusing on technology. Aköde continues to develop innovative products to contribute to the Financial Technology Ecosystem by providing a secure, fast and uninterrupted payment infrastructure to both corporate and individual sellers in the e-commerce world. Tosla İşim identifies the needs of its users and provides solutions in the fastest way at the right time. Tosla İşim offers users the easiest and safest way to receive payments in e-commerce with a unique experience.